This is a Bordeaux blend with 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Merlot and 23% Cabernet Franc.  It is a bit more understated than the Cabernet from the True Vineyard.  Drinking well now, this improved with a bit of air and really needs a few more years in the cellar.  But it is fantastic right now.  People who prefer Bordeaux will probably prefer this to the Cab and visa-versa.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim.  The nose has cassis, black cherries, slight blueberries, milk chocolate, cigar box, vanilla and spice.  Yes, there is a lot going on.  On the palate, this has a wonderful texture.  Complex and deep, this unwinds in the glass showing layers of cassis and black cherries over a tobacco and earth quality.  There is also oak showing and firm tannins.  Long finish.  Drinks great on its own but will work with heavier dishes too.  It should continue to mature over the next decade and be good for two decades after that.  

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