In a recent tasting of California Chardonnays, this was my favorite.  It should be noted that I liked it more than most in the group and that is, I am sure, a style thing.  This is a rich wine that is really firing on all cylinders though starting to show some middle age.  It was older than most of the wines at the tasting, so that may account for some of the various opinions.  Anyway, I found it outstanding.  Yellow/green in color, clear and bright.  The nose has grapefruit, vanilla, and citrus.  On the palate, this has a great, lush texture.  Creamy.  The grapefruit carries thru with a nice tang.  It is a muscular style but the oak on the palate is minimal.  Showing a nice complexity and depth.  Long finish.  For my tastes, this has another ten years in it, but for those looking for youth, drink up.  A great match with all but the heartiest of foods, it probably needs a bit of food to bring out the depth.  

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