The 2013 Napa Cabs were released with a lot of fanfare, and justifiably so.  It seemed, however, that they shut down very quickly and hard.  Now, at age 7, they are starting to open back up and while, as a general rule they have lots left, many are drinking quite well.  I don't remember a Napa Cab vintage that shut down so hard so quickly and reopened so quickly as well.  In any event, this was opened and allowed to breath for 30 minutes and then served.  It was beautiful.  Purple in color, opaque and bright.  On the nose, there is cassis, slight black cherries, roasted herbs, nice minerality and a touch of cedar.  On the palate, this has light to medium tannins.  It really unwinds in the glass.  Lots of cassis with slight char and nice underlying minerality.  Just a touch of oak showing.  Good finish.  This drinks great on its own and will work well with hearty meat dishes.  It also worked well with a brownie.  ;-)  I am not sure if a few more years of cellaring will improve the wine, but it should be at top level for the next ten to twelve at least.  Myriad is made by Mike Smith who makes wine for a variety of California high end wineries.  It is one mailing list that is highly recommended!

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