This is the third review on Intowine for this wine and all three score 100 points.  This is a great wine!  It is debatable how long this will last but betting the over seems like a safe bet.  Time will tell of course,  This bottle was from Magnum that got a lot of air prior to serving.  Purple in color.  The nose has cedar, cassis, blueberries, spice leather and graphite.  Clean and deep.  On the palate, this is big but has wonderful structure to hang all of that fruit on.  Cassis and blueberries with spice and slight damp earth.  Deep and wide with layers that unwind in the glass.  It's delicious but that is just the start.  Complex and contemplative.  For some, it is too big right now, but that is no different than drinking a First Growth Bordeaux at age 5.  This will continue to mature and evolve for the next four or five decades, but since it's so good, most bottles will be long ago consumed.  The price listed is for a bottle.  Magnums currently cost $950 on the retail market.  

Current Price: 

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