I have had this before and loved it, but this bottle, not so much.  Perhaps an off bottle or shut down at this time?  Just last summer, I scored it 100 points, so this was curious.  Some liked it more than I, but most of the room seemed to comment that it wasn't what they might have been expecting.  It is good, but this should be one of the preeminent California Chardonnays.  It happens, but I can only review the bottle I drank.  Light green/gold in color.  The nose is dusty with tine, clay, spice and oak.  No fruit.  No noticeable TCA or other faults.  On the palate, it has a nice texture.  A bit drying.  Bitter minerality which is not a bad thing but again, not much fruit.  Had I not had this before I would have dismissed it, but knowing the wine, it gets the benefit of the doubt.  A very expensive off bottle.  Unrated.