My first time trying his producer and I am impressed.  it is 100% Sangiovese with 13% abv.  Ruby in color, with just a hint of orange/brown.  The nose shows a very slight oxidation.  Not sure if that is age, style or the cork, but not enough to be an issue.  There is also a slight volatile acidity.  Again, not enough to be an issue.  In fact, the two together gives this wine an impression of being just a bit older than it is, but it is still drinking well.  Finally, the nose also has cherries and a warm, earthy forest quality to it.  On the palate, this has a very nice mouthfeel.  Medium tannins.  A nice backbone of acidity.  Plenty of cherry fruit with a hint of root beer.  A long finish with some anise on it.  With a bit of air, the wine smooths out at the edges and makes a nice overall package.  This wine (as do most Italian wines) begs for food.  It worked well with some barbecue and also some grilled shishito peppers.  It won't get better from here.  Presuming this is a representative bottle, it probably should be consumed over the next five to seven years.  

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