This was quite good.  In general, 2011 is a good, not great vintage in Chianti, but this was very good.  It is a very classic Chianti for all of the right reasons.  Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes.  Medium/dark ruby in color.  Clear and bright.  The nose is very nice.  It is earthy with macerated cherries and fresh cherries along with a sweaty note.  Sort of a rustic Tuscan quality.  On the palate, this has bright cherries over a forest floor.  Very firm tannins.  Long finish.  It was tasted and about half consumed, then a neutral cork inserted and left over night on the counter.  Better on Day 2.  That is always a great sign for ageability.  Smooth with plenty of fruit.  This will work well with pasta but also a nice grilled meat dish too.  It may still get a bit better but should easily go another 7 to ten years and likely more if well cellared.  

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