One of the cool things about Vouvray is that it is made from Chenin Blanc grapes which more often than not can age well.  When I walked into a local  wine store and saw this for $20, it was well worth the flier.  The only real problem is that there are no more.  Made by American Peter Hahn and imported with Rosenthal, this is a lovely wine.  Medium golden in color, clear and bright.  The nose has nice minerality with hints of orange peel and a bit of apricot.  Medium bodied and slightly viscous.  At age 12, there is just a bit of sweetness here (some has probably faded since bottling).  A nice depth and complexity.  Flavors are mostly mineral, but some peach.  Good acidity.  Nice finish.  This is drinking well but should be able to go another five to ten more years.  It is food friendly and would work well with Thai of Chinese food.  


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