This is an iconic bottling from one of the controversial masters of Loire wines.  He has long used "natural winemaking techniques" long before they were en vogue.  The lack of preservatives in the wines leads to a higher amount of spoilage at times, so one needs to be careful with ordering, shipping and storage.  No worries here, this wine was stunning.  It is made from 100% Chenin Blanc grown biodynamically since 1984.  Golden in color (not deep), clear and bright.  The nose is great with orange peel, apricots, salinity and just a slight note of nuttiness.  Medium to full bodied.  On the palate, this is ever so slightly sweet.  Slightly viscous texture.  Nice acidity keeping things lively.  On the palate, peaches and apricots with slight citrus.  Long finish.  Drinking great on its own it would work well with a not too sweet dessert.  Still showing some signs of youth, a well stored bottle should easily go another ten to twenty years.  

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