Opened at 9:00 am and allowed to breathe.  Served at 9:00 pm.  Gorgeous wine. Still young, of course, but after a night of a lot of wines, this demanded my attention.  This is just the Estate, I can't wait to try the Grand Vin.  I actually checked the label to make sure I didn't open the wrong bottle.  Purple in color.  The nose is great with cassis, slight cedar and spice, graphite, and a bit of dark chocolate.  Wonderful lush mouthfeel.  Good acidity.  Cassis flavors.  Deep but it unwinds in the glass.  Still a decade at least from peak.  Long finish.  I know these wines have escalated in price quickly since 2003 but Lou is making some of the greatest wines in the world and we are just now finding out how long lived they can (and will) be.  


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