This is the basic Barolo from Vietti although don't forget about their Perbacco which is a Nebbiolo that is a spectacular value.  This is in a good place right now if still a bit on the young side.  It was around $53 on release and can still be found for close to that.  If opening soon, give it a decant of a few hours.  Lighter ruby in color with hints of orange.  The nose is great with gorgeous cherries, tar and roses.  Complex and deep.  It is not quite as expressive or complex on the palate.  Perhaps that is something that further cellaring will bring.  It does have lovely fresh cherries and cherry juice with just a hint of dried flowers.  Good acidity.  This begs for a plate of pasta or a fowl dish.  Nice finish.  No hurry here, this easily has a decade and probably more.  

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