Opened late in the evening (probably should have skipped it) but it was a nice treat.  Drinking great right now.  Golden in color, but not that dark for an 01 (purchased on release).  The nose is gorgeous with apricots and honey and a bit of burnt sugar.  On the palate, not quite as expressive but still quite nice.  Burnt sugar and apricots carry thru.  Viscous but not cloying.  Sweet but not overtly.  Ok acidity.  Long finish.  This was from a 375 and even in that format, has a long life left.  


I put away about one third of the bottle and re-opened it 3 months later.  It had been in the fridge.  It had improved and was gorgeous.  94 points.  A bit more of everything.  Just delicious.  This is not that unusual for a Sauternes but don't be afraid to give this a long decant before serving.