There is not much more to offer about Yquem.  It is arguably the finest wine made on the planet.  This bottle was served early in the dinner along side fois gras or a vegetarian starter.  It went quite well.  The bottle had been opened and decanted ahead of time and this bottle seemed to be at just a bit lower than cellar temperature.  Not the best Yquem ever but certainly a very good vintage that is in a good, if young, place right now.  Golden in color.  The nose is slightly sweet with apricots and slight honey.  On the palate, slight peaches, slight honey and apricots with a touch of minerality.  If there is a flaw, and it is a very small one at that, it lacks the acidity to take this to stratospheric heights.  But that is certainly nit picking.  The finish is long and great.   The wine continued to open in the glass and was revisited after dinner with dessert.  It had certainly improved and opened up a bit by then.  No hurry, this has decades of course to enjoy.  

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