How long does a good, if not great, Chianti last?  This bottle was bought on release and cellared since.  The fill was just into the neck of the bottle.  Pop and pour (carefully).  Purple in color with some ruby swirls, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose was complex with cherries, slight dried cherries, forest floor and slight spice.  Full bodied.  Tannins integrated.  On the palate, this is fresh and vibrant.  Fully mature.  Ripe cherry and slight sour cherry fruit along with a bit of sandalwood.  Some depth and complexity.  Nice finish.  Blind I would have though about seven to ten years old (not 26).  Fully mature and maybe past, but this is good.  Better with food, a hearty pasta dish would be great.  drink up if you have any left.

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