Tasted two bottles of this.  They were part of a cellar purchase from which most of the bottles had been in excellent shape.  On opening, this was old and off a bit.  With a couple hours of air, it improved quite a bit although never got to the point of not being past prime.  Depending on one's level of enjoyment from wines with this much age, it seemed mostly a miss among the tasters.  I enjoyed it for what it offered. Ruby in color with moderate browning, clear but muted.  On the nose, dust, cherries, dried cherries, mushroom, and forest floor.  Thin.  On the palate, this is complex.  Dried cherries, forest floor with strong acidity.  It was probably quite balanced on release in this fruit forward vintage but the fruit has faded.  Moderate finish.  This is better with food and worked well with risotto.  

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