The Kunde family has been making wine since 1904 in the Sonoma Valley and today commands over 700 planted acres of grapes (they received “Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing” status in 2010), of which Cabernet has long been their star. Cabernet can be pricy, but this Kunde 2013 Cabernet stops you in your tracks given its price to quality ratio. Comprised of five different Cabernet clones (337, 4, 15, 169, 8) this is an exceptional value Cabernet, well structured and very enjoyable to drink. There is a bright acidity that streams through this wine, helping the black cherry, blueberry, boysenberry along with subtle sweet cedar, vanilla, cigar and mocha notes to fully express themselves. The finish is medium in length with relatively tight tannins, and this drinks like a higher end Napa Cab, but at a fraction of the price. Aged for 19 months the oak is in check and the Sonoma fruit is fully evident.

Origin: Sonoma
Average Price:  $30/ 750ML
Alcohol: 14.5%
Pair With: Chicken and mushroom casserole, meatloaf, grilled ribeye steaks
Availability: National