You don’t have to be a sommelier or cellar master to select the best wines for something as simple as a romantic dinner for two or as elaborate as a seven-course meal for family and friends. With today’s top wine apps for iPhone, wine amateurs, and just below advanced level wine lovers alike, can help you do everything from better understand the complexities of wine to pairing it with dinners and desserts. Whatever your reason for seeking help on the subject of wine, the following 5 apps will do just fine:

IntoWine Food & Wine Pairing App for iPhone1. IntoWine Food & Wine Pairing App

IntoWine's Food & Wine Pairing app offers wine pairings for more than 100 dishes ranging from obscure to the traditional. Users will find wine pairings for ethnic dishes, traditional holiday dishes, gourmet cuisine, all types of brunch dishes, and it even offers wine recommendations for offbeat holidays such as Halloween. IntoWine's Food & Wine Pairing app also takes it a step further by offering specific bottle recommendations instead of just offering a type of wine, like Chianti or Riesling.

In addition to this useful feature, also offers a number of wine recommendation articles perfectly organized by varietal, wine region, food types, and even holidays. This is a great app for just about anyone, whether you’re intimidated by ordering wines in restaurants and you want you know your stuff before your next night on the town, or if you are planning an elaborate dinner for a dozen of your closest friends.

Yes, of course, for the sake of disclosure, this app is ours here at IntoWine. But we are really proud of it and think it's quite useful. We hope you will too.  

Cost: $1.99 Download it now

2. Drync Wine Pro

Drync is not your everyday wine app. This electronic wine companion has a database of more than 1.2 million wines, so users can locate just about any wine on the planet. Users can read expert reviews of wines before buying and once purchased and consumed, users can rate the wine, take tasting notes, and even add a photo to the virtual cellar to keep track of the wines they’ve tasted.

Drync users don’t have to trek all the way to their local wine boutique to purchase wines. All you have to do is click “Buy from,” for direct purchasing. Want to try before you buy? Visit to download a free version of the app. The free version features ads, and there is a wine cellar limit of 10 bottles.

Cost: $4.99

3. Wine info’s claim to fame is a CellarTracker, which provides information on more than 750,000 bottles of wine. After selecting a wine, users can enter the name of the wine or even scan the barcode for instant access to more than 1 million notes and ratings from a combination of veteran oenophiles, novices, and other members of the CellarTracker community. Oenophiles in training will also appreciate the “Pedia” which includes hundreds of entries about everything you need to know about wine.

Cost: $3.99

4. Vino for Dinner

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive bottle of wine every time an occasion calls for it. This is good news for Vino for Dinner, because this app was created with the budget conscious in mind. Vino for Dinner is an excellent pairing app, featuring wine recommendations for meat, seafood, poultry, and pasta dishes. Cheese and desserts are on the menu as well. This app displays only three suggestions at a time and all wines retail for less than $30.

Cost: $2.99

5. Pair It

It’s like having a world-renowned wine expert in your pocket. Pair It focuses solely on food and wine pairings for gourmet foods based on the recommendations of chef and wine expert Bruce Riezenman. It features more than 20,000 matches, which consist of 1,000 food items and around 180 varietals. Users can do several things with this app. They can review “Chef Bruce’s picks,” let the app make the match via Vegas-style slot machine, or match by food, or wine. The choice is yours.

Cost: $4.99