iPad lovers spend lots of time reading, reviewing, surfing, and social networking on their iPad’s. With this in mind, some of today’s top apps for iPad go beyond just offering pairings. These versatile apps offer a complete education on wine. If you’re interested in learning a lesson or two about the wine you’re planning to buy or if you’re brand new to the world of wine, the 5 apps listed below will teach you the 5 W’s of wine and exactly what to buy.

1. IntoWine Food & Wine Pairing App

IntoWine Food & Wine Pairing app features pairings for everything from brunch to gourmet cuisine. Users will find wine pairings for more than 100 dishes ranging from the simple to uber-sophisticated. IntoWine is different from many wine apps because it doesn’t just recommend a specific type of wine, like Pinot Noir or Syrah. This app offers specific bottle recommendations, so when it’s time to hit your local wine shop, you will know exactly what to buy.

IntoWine.com also features recommendations for just about every holiday—even Halloween. Users will find a number of wine recommendation articles organized by food types, wine region, varietal, and holidays. This is a great app for all—whether you’re just learning about wine or your plan is to entertain regularly and you just want to make sure you’re covered.

Yes, of course, for the sake of disclosure, this app is ours here at IntoWine. But we are really proud of it and think it's quite useful. We hope you will too.  

IntoWine.com Food & Wine Pairing App for iPad Cost: $1.99 Download it now

2. AG Wine

AG Wine is excellent for iPad users for several reasons. For starters, this app is all about educating consumers about wine, not just selecting the best wines for different types of cuisine. The interface makes it easy to navigate through the large amounts of useful information offered by AG Wine. Users can collect information on regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages, rather than just producers or reviews. Once you’ve learned a bit about wine, the selection process should be easier, but AG still offers recommendations based on wines from Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, France (South of France, Chablis, Rhone Valley), Australia, and the USA (Napa and Sonoma).

Soon, AG Wine will add France's Bordeaux and Burgundy, Willamette Valley (USA), New Zealand, and South Africa to the list.

AG Wine App for iPad Cost: $3.99

3. Cor.kz Wine info

Cor.kz’s Wine Info for iPad features an impressive CellerTracker which is chock full of information on more than 750,000 bottles of wine. Cor.kz users have access to more than 1 million notes and ratings from a combination of veteran oenophiles, novices, and other members of the CellarTracker community. All you have to do is select a wine or even scan the barcode for instant access.

Cor.kz also has a “Pedia,” which includes hundreds of entries about all things wine.

Cor.kz Wine App for iPad Cost: $3.99

4. Pair It

So, you say you like gourmet food but you’re not too perceptive when it comes to picking the right wines. No worries. Pair It for iPad is a great companion for novices and aficionados alike. Based on the recommendations of chef and wine expert Bruce Riezenman, Pair It features more than 20,000 matches consisting of 1,000 food items and around 180 varietals. Users can select from “Chef Bruce’s picks” or you can let the app do the work for you. Using a Vegas-style slot machine, Pair It select the best wine for your dish. Users can also match by food or wine, of course.

Pair It Wine App for iPad Cost: $4.99

5. Drync Wine Pro

Drync Wine Pro stores information for more than 1.2 million wines. This means, even the most obscure wine will be easy to find using this app. In addition to quick access to information on just about any wine, users have access to reviews from experts a Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator and links to video reviews on YouTube.

Drync users have the option to purchase their wine selections right online by clicking “Buy from Wine.com” or they can visit their local wine emporium. After tasting the wine, users can keep track of the wines they’ve tasted by adding them to the apps tasting cellar. Here, users can rate the wine, add a photo, and add tasting notes.

Visit Drync.com to try before you buy. The free version has a 10-bottle wine cellar limit.

Drync Wine App for iPad Cost: $4.99