This was a controversial wine.  Everyone tasting it agreed the nose was amazing, but the crowd was split on the palate.  For me, this was fantastic.  The average age of the vines used is 25 years although it carries no certification.  It is refreshed regularly with some of top Soleras from both Fino and Amontillado of Valdespino.  It is the color of iced tea.  The nose is oxidized showing a nice nuttiness.  There is also caramel, salt, and just a slight orange peel quality.  Very complex.  On the palate, this is dry as a bone.  Nutty with caramel, slight vanilla, a bit of smoke and slight woody note.  No fruit.  Some warmth on the finish.  This really needs salty foods and perhaps a French Onion Soup would be a good pairing.  Drink over the next few years.  

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