Sherries are not for everyone.  That is a shame.  I love them.  The "trick" to the lighter dry ones is to pair them with the right food.  Salty foods seem to tame the oxidation and have a synergistic effect.  This bottle is good on its own but pair with olive, salty cheese or even salty peanuts and it blossoms.  It also benefits from a bit of air and a slight chill.  Pale golden in color.  The nose has a good amount of volatile acidity (nail polish) and slight oxidation.  There is a pine quality along with a bit of stale almonds and a bit of a woody note.  None of those sounds particularly pleasant, but as a package, it is intriguing.  On the palate, this is viscous.  It checks in at 15% abv.  On the palate, this is dry.  Some lemon peel, a dry sort of tartness.  It is warm but not hot.  The VA comes out a bit on the finish.  Add some salty foods, and this rounds off.  Drink this early in the meal.  This should be consumed in the next couple of years.  Lot 22/03/19

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