Boy, did I enjoy this wine.  It is very unique although I am told this style of wine used to be more prevalent.  It is an aged Fino style Sherry that was aged for 15 years from a Solera started in 1961.  Just gorgeous but it is different.  It is a deep golden color with just a hint of amber.  Clear and bright.  The nose is big with a lot of alcohol and some volatile acidity (the later blows off slightly with air).  Also an almond/ nuttiness and salinity to the nose.  Full bodied.  Complex, contemplative and deep.  Bone dry on the palate.  The nutty salinity come thru along with a petrol note but in a very good way.  Some warmth on the finish.  This is interesting to drink on its own, but really kicks into gear with some salty foods.  Every sip gets better.  Consumed over three nights, it was good on all nights but best on night two.  I am not sure how often this bottling is released so better to stick to retailers who know their sherries if you are planning on ageing it.  

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