The phrase Palo Cortado comes from a mark that was placed on Fino sherries that did not form (or early on lost) a Flor covering.  It literally means a vertical line or palo, would then be crossed or cortado by a diagonal line.  An example can be found on the label of this wine.  It is deep brown color.  The nose has lots of coffee and a confectionery chocolate candy ("tootsie roll") quality to it.  There is a nutty quality a hint of citrus rind.  On the palate, this has some complexity.  Some tea and also coffee notes along with a nutty caramel quality.  Slightly viscous.  Some warmth on the finish.  This is mostly dry.  It will work with tapas but probably better with a nutty/caramel dessert served a bit chilled.  Drink over the next year or two.  

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