Decanted for about four hours prior to serving.  Inky purple in color, opaque and shimmering bright.  The nose is quite tight.  Over the evening it opened a bit, but the bottle got drained, so nothing left on Day 2.  It happens.  Some cassis, slight graphite, baking spice and char.  Full bodied.  Very, very firm tannins.  That said, what a wonderful plush but silky texture.  Great energy and acidity.  Balanced.  The palate is a bit more opened.  Cassis, slight graphite, a bit earthy and char.  Deep.  Long finish.  If drinking now, give it an eight hour decant but this really needs five years or more in a cellar and then drink for twenty after that.  The label list 14.8% abv, but the texture seems like it would be  higher.  No heat or any signs of alcohol, so maybe not.  Very nice on its own, this needs some big, fatty foods right now, but as it ages, it will work with  lamb or even Eggplant Parmesan.  

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