Some of the best Chardonnay for my tastes comes from Santa Cruz, California.  The wines tend to be crisp but full and age quite well.  A new one recently tried is the Shawn Walker McBride Maeve Vineyard.  I am not sure why this carries that label as other varietal wines carry a Crosby Roamann designation as the producer with a very similar label.  In any event this one is also very good.  Light golden in color, clear and bright.  The nose has red apples with a touch of lemon and a nice minerality.  Medium to full bodied.  Good balance.  On the palate, this is crisp with flavors or apples and slight citrus.  It is clean with little oak showing.  Some depth.  It is drinking well now and should continue for another ten years.  A great match would be grilled Tuna Steaks.  

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