What a great bottle for Halloween!  Cool label front and back and really good wine.  This is 100% Cabernet Franc from Rutherford.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose takes about 30 minutes to open then shows nice ripe Cab Franc, that is to say, black cherries, some black raspberries, coffee, dark chocolate, just a bit of cigar tobacco.  Full bodied.  Medium tannins.  On the palate, lots of black cherry and black raspberry fruit with underlying coffee and tobacco.  Long finish.  Gives this some air if opening this Halloween, it really got going after being open a couple hours.  If you should choose to cellar this, it should drink well for another twelve to fifteen years.  It drinks great on its own but will drink really nicely some chocolate Halloween Treats (Snicker's, Reese's, etc.)  

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