I am a huge fan of Rhys Chardonnays and also a big fan of the Chenin Blanc grape so it was with great anticipation that this got opened.  Its a very nice wine, but not at the level for me of the Chardonnays.  I believe this was the first vintage so perhaps Kevin Harvey and his team will zero in on growing this varietal and making the wine they want.  Tasted over three days, it didn't really change, so perhaps this is the proverbial "needs more time" wine.  In any event, light golden in color with the slightest copper hue.  On the nose, some orange rind, a bit of honey, peaches and some minerality.  Medium bodied.  On the palate, the minerality leads off.  Some peach and some orange rind.  Good acidity.  Moderate finish with a slightly bitter note.  Chenin lasts a long time, so this will probably drink well for at least a decade maybe more.  It works better with food.  Grilled chicken is a nice choice.  

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