So, are you feeling lucky?  That phrase goes thru my head every time I think about buying a natural wine.  But, Radikon is one of the top producers and his Merlots have been amazing.  This one is 75% Merlot and 25% Pignolo aged on its skins for 15 day and in oak for 3 years without much intervention.  I just hope the kitchen sink enjoyed it as i poured it down the drain!  Consumed over three days, just to punish myself.  Purple in color, opaque and flat.  The nose was a cross been a failed high school science experiment and the back room of a butcher shop.  The palate was much more chemical than animal.  More like shower drain cleaner mixed with soap.  There was a faint bit of soap.  I paid $36 for this bottle and while I am sure it was great at the winery, this wine is a crap shoot.  It will only be as good as the worst place/temperature it was stored.  Nice label though.  

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