These days, I think that M Cellars is making some of the best wines in Ohio.  They are nestled in the northeast corner of Ohio not too far from the Lake Erie shore.  There are actually quite a few wineries in that part of the state.  Most utilize a "tourist" model for selling their wine.  M Cellars is one of the few attempting to make world class wines and more often than not, they achieve that goal.  This bottle was recently purchased at their tasting room.  It was one of my favorites in a tasting of Ohio and New York wines.  Light silvery green in color.  The nose has a lemony quality which seems to be a good sign for Riesling in this part of the world.  Not so much about the minerality although there is some.  On the palate, it seems to have a bit of spritz (trapped CO2) which blew off.  Not a problem at all.  The lemony quality carries thru.  Very nice.  Clean finish.  It is off dry.  This will work great with sea food or lighter summer fare.  12.1% ABV.  

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