This is from Food and Gift purveyor Harry & David and made in Southern Oregon.  This is a very interesting and different take on Riesling.  Light yellow/white/gold in color with a bit of a green tinge to it.  The nose has a fresh cantaloupe quality to it which is very interesting.  On the palate, this has a bit of a tingling acidity.  The cantaloupe /melon quality comes thru. A very nice slightly oily texture gives it a viscous body.  This took a few minutes to open then drank quite well.  It is an off dry wine with sweetness showing especially on the finish.  Overall, a very fun wine if a bit atypical for Riesling.  It will work great on its own or with lighter summer foods.  These are sold thru the Harry & David stores and website as part of gift packages but seem to start around $20 per bottle.  

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