This is a surprisingly big and bold Pinot Noir.  The surprise is more that it is from the Santa Lucia Highlands.  The vines were planted in 2008.  Although 2017 wasa bit lighter of a vintage in Sonoma/Napa, it would appear that down in Monterey, there was no issue in getting fruit ripe.  Certainly not for this wine.  It has a very pretty ruby/garnet color.  Clear and bright.  The nose shows coffee, black cherries, and a slight rhubarb.  With air a bit of brown sugar emerges.  On the palate, this is full bodied with light tannins.  It has juicy red berries.  There is some oak coming thru as spice and cedar.  It if full bodied and heavier in weight.  This makes a great drink on its own and will work well with mushrooms or fowl.  it should be great drinking for the next five to seven years.  

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