This is the "Negociant" line of wines although the vineyards are in fact, owned by Chave.  It is what used to be labelled as Celeste.  There are two big differences between this and the Hermitage.  First, this is 100% Roussanne while those are all or mostly Marsanne.  Second, this is grown on granite soils as opposed to limestone and schist giving this wine more minerality.  Yellow gold in color.  The nose is very nice.  Minerals for sure but also a bit of was and vanilla with an earthiness that is intriguing.  On the palate, this has a lovely creamy texture.  Slightly lemon with vanilla and underlying minerality.  It is a rich wine with a very pleasant bitterness on the finish.  Almost peach and black pepper.  Drinking well now, it might make old bones but it seems not worth the risk.  I would drink in the next five years.  It needs bigger foods to stand up against it.  

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