Heritage School is what used to be known as Harris Estate Wines.  David and Linda Jenkins purchased the property in 2014 and renamed the winery and the three vineyards on the property.  Thomas Rivers Brown is the winemaker.  I was able to taste a couple of these wines and both were excellent.  This was the bigger wine of the two.  Purple in color with ruby swirls.  The nose has cassis, some black cherries, cedar, coffee and spice.  On the palate, this has a voluptuous texture.  Juicy cassis fruit with depth.  Some underlying forest floor (dry).  Firm tannins.  Nice finish.  This drinks easy even at this point.  Another five to seven years will serve it well though.  It should be good for another ten to twelve (at least) after that.  It is a delicious wine that drinks well on its own and will work well with roasted meats and fowl.  


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