Tasted on a visit to the winery.  This is 5% Cabernet Franc and the rest is Cabernet Sauvignon.  It has an intense purple color, almost neon bright.  The nose is primary but quite good with cassis, slight black cherry and lumber.  On the palate, this has strong tannins.  It also has a very lively texture which I attribute to great balance, acidity and purity of fruit.  Lots of cassis with a nice underlying minerality.  This winery had been highly recommended to me but this was my first time trying the wines so it is a bit hard to evaluate growth and maturity.  Still, I would estimate that it is at least 5 to 7 years from maturity (and likely 10) and should be good for at least ten to fifteen years after that.  It is concentrated fruit at the moment and that does require bigger foods.  As it matures it should be a better food match for roasts and grilled foods.  Certainly some upside on the score as well.  

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