I try to buy a case of this every year.  You know how when you go to the wine cellar and you want something good but not too expensive.  Maybe you already had a glass or two and can't quite remember the pricing on every one of your bottles?  This is perfect.  Always good.  Always fairly priced.  I know it lasts a couple of years, and probably more, but mine never do.  I drink them too easily.  Readily available for around $25.  Bright purple in color.  The nose is great with cherries, black cherries, a bit of bramble.  It's almost jammy and almost sweet but not quite.  The black cherry fruit come across on the palate along with some slight tannins.  Its not the most complex wine in the world but there is some depth and interest.  It's gulpable for sure (is that a word?).  While it probably won't work with oysters, this should work with a wide variety of medium to heavy foods.  

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