This is a wine from Pahlmeyer.  I first tried it back in 2012 before it was released, but had not seen it since.  So when a friend put this on the table I was excited to revisit it.  An excellent wine and not your typical California Chardonnay.  Light gold with some green swirls.  The nose explodes from the glass with peaches, marzipan, some citrus and even a touch of green apple.  With air, a waxy quality come thru.  On the palate, this is just as vibrant.  Oranges, peaches with an under subtle oak.  A bit of salinity right at the end.  This is drinking very well right now and it would be a shame not to enjoy it as is.  That said, it likely will age and last for at least a decade.  It went well with hummus and veggies but should easily handle heavier food.  Salmon seems like a nice choice but it should be versatile.  

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