This was ordered off the menu at Ceres Table in Chicago's Lakeview East area.  While I have had the reds many times, this was my first time trying the white.  It is made up of 100% Chardonnay grown at around 3,000 feet on the side of Mt. Etna.  A very interesting wine.  Light golden in color.  The nose is nice with crisp lemons, slight smoke, a bit of anise and peach.  On the palate, this is crisp but also full bodied.  No noticeable oak (not sure how this is made).  Lemons, slight matchstick, and a bit of peach.  Nice acidity.  It took about an hour to really open up.  Still youthful, this should have at least another decade in it.  it went well with a variety of foods including Arancini (rice balls).  

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