This is an outstanding wine.  If you are not looking at Cru Beaujolais wines then you are missing out on one of the real value regions for red wines anywhere.  This one retails for $30 but if you're lucky, you can find it for less.  The bottle I tried was $20.  Ruby in color, a bit muddled.  The nose is great.  Dusty with some decayed meat (in a good way), earth and plums.  A slight asparagus note.  On the palate, this has a lovely texture.  Plush with few seams.  Medium bodied.  Medium tannins.  Plums and cherry fruit.  Some depth.  Good finish.  This may still get a bit better as it matures and integrates.  It will go well with stews and casseroles but could even stand up to a steak.  

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