This is one of the great wines of the world.  This is a Bordeaux blend made in Tuscany.  2015 was an excellent if quite ripe vintage.  All of that ends with a wine that is no where close to being ready to drink.  It doesn't matter how young you like your wines, this needs time.  If I had to drink a bottle now, i would decant it for a week.  It is tight, brooding and a monster.  That said, it will eventually be a tremendous wine.  Purple in color.  The nose has black cherries, cassis, coffee, spice and slight tobacco.  On the palate, there was a fierce wall of tannins.  Juicy black cherry fruit.  Deep if impenetrable.  Good acid.  This will be great with a roast or hearty meat dishes.  It should be help for a decade and be good for twenty or thirty years after that.  At maturity, this should easily hit 97 points and probably higher.  

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