This was quite tight.  Opened and tried over three nights and on the third night it finally started to show something.  That is, of course, not unusual for a traditional Cornas.  Purple in color, opaque and moderately bright.  The nose has boysenberries, slight bacon fat, black olives and slight pepper.  On the palate, this is medium bodied and very concentrated.  Nice texture which is probably the best clue that there is a nice wine lurking in there once it opens.  Enough boysenberry fruit to satisfy but this is more about minerality and earthiness.  It is quite tasty too.  If opening now, I would decant for at least six hours.  Best to wait another five to seven years though.  It should drink well for another fifteen to twenty.  This is a nice match for cassoulet or roasted meats.  It probably does need some type of fatty food right now to show its best.