Somewhat of a disappointing showing for this.  It drank fine, but a lot more was expected based on a bottle consumed just a few weeks ago.  Hopefully, the wine is just shut down at the moment.  A second bottle was opened and most of it is left, so it can be watched over the next couple of days.  Ruby/purple in color.  The nose is nice with black raspberries and some char.  On the palate, this is tight with black raspberry fruit.  No obvious faults but just lacking anything interesting or complex.  The texture is good but not what has become a staple of this wine.  Given its history, hopefully, this is in a dumb phase right now or perhaps just an off bottle.  

Revisited this exact bottle after letting it sit for two days.  It has a much bigger nose although the oxygen is starting to creep in (duh).  Black raspberry, char and bramble.  Showing a bit better on the palate as well.  Overall, I would probably score this 90 points.  Worked fine with food.  Not sure if this was a slightly off bottle (it happens) or just a lower point for this wine (it happens as well), so I will let my other bottles sit for a bit before revisiting.  


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