Outpost Cabernet's probably don't get enough respect.  They are some of the top Cabs being made in Napa.  Plus, if you like the concentrated mountain fruit, look no further.  This is purple in color, ruby at the rim.  Shiny and bright.  The nose is dusty with black cherries, cassis and an interesting watercress note to it.  Not exactly green as much as crisp and clean.  On the palate, this is full bodied and complex.  A beautiful streak of acidity.  Cassis and tart cherries.  Long finish.  Medium tannins.  This is still young and will likely improve.  This bottle was consumed on a trip to Napa along with many of the top wines out there and was one of the top wines of the trip.  Considering its $125 price, it is one of the best "values' at that rarefied level.  

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