In a tasting, its often the bigger, flashier wine that is the best.  But, at the dinner table, over a couple hours, the opposite is often true.  That was the situation this wine had to deal with, but it came thru just fine.  Despite being 30 years younger than one of the wines, it still managed to strut itself quite impressively.  Purple in color, magenta at the rim.  Bright.  The nose has cassis, some graphite, spice and slight cedar.  Powerful but not over the top.  On the palate, this has a wonderful mouth feel.  Juicy.  Its big but seems light on its feet.  Flavors of cassis, and some plums.  Deep and almost seamless, it will undoubtedly mature and gain in complexity.  Firm tannins.  Right now, this is just delicious but so much upside.  I think it needs at least five years and better to give it ten but should last for decades.