My first time trying this wine made by Russell Bevan.  I love Russell's wines but I struggle with this one.  Purple to the rim.  On the nose, this had that aquarium note that I sometimes find in poorly handled wines.  I know this came from an excellent cellar but perhaps along the way somewhere?  I tried other glasses and it was consistent.  It did blow off a bit with air, but a taste at the end of the night, freshly poured, still had some.  There was some cassis underneath but hard to get to.  On the palate, its a bit better with coffee, cassis, slight graphite.  It also has a tingly acidity.  Again, that blew off partially with some.  Heat on the finish.  Originally, I scored this 90 so, it is not like it is a bad wine.  At the same time, this is a $300 bottle.  By the end of the evening, it was probably a 92-93 point score.  I know little about this wine, so I can't say if this was a proper or typical bottle.  Given Russell's track record at Bevan, I am guessing not.  


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