I tried this a couple of years ago and thought it needed 10 more years.  Now, we are down to 8 I guess.  At least.  This is a spectacular wine but it needs time (think Latour).  While it showed well, it just felt like we there is more to come.  Indeed, if one has the patience to wait, this is probably a 100 point wine.  Today, its close but not quite.  Purple in color, magenta at the rim.  The nose has cassis.  Its dusty with iodine.  With air some dark cherries emerge.  On the palate, this is juicy with bright acidity.  Firm tannins that strengthen in the glass.  Black raspberries, blue berries and an underlying char are just about, not quite, seamless.  Tightly packed complexity unwinds in the glass.  Long finish.  


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