Always a great wine and great "value" in the world of expensive Champagne, it seems as the 2012 is one of the best vintages yet, perhaps surpassing 2008 and going back to 1996 for that level of quality, at least for my tastes.  Light golden in color with slight green hues, clear and bright.  The mousse is consistent with lots of tiny bubbles.  The nose has a hint of toast upfront, followed by pears with a slight  floral quality.  Some citrus on the back end.  Full bodied. On the palate, this is delicious.  Lots of  pears with plenty of "wet rock" minerality.  Just a bit of orange citrus on the very long finish.  Wonderful balance.  This will pair with virtually any food.  It is still young and should mature and possibly improve but its also wonderful now.  Given its price, most cannot back up the truck but a couple to drink one now and one later is not a bad option.  

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