A stellar vintage for this luxury cuvee from one of the older Champagne houses.  In a market that has exploded in pricing, this is one of the better values in luxury cuvee's.  This vintage is 92% Pinot Noir and 8% Chardonnay.  Silvery gold in color, clear and bright with a nice mousse of lots of tiny bubbles.  There is some fruit on the nose (pears) but its mostly about minerality/chalk with a bit of smoke.  Full bodied but yet lean and racy acidity.  The minerality and chalk carry thru to the palate.  Some light cherry notes compliment it well.  This is exciting to drink and one of the better Grande Dames I have had.  A long finish.  At age 12, this is still young and not showing any are.  It should easily go another fifteen to twenty years depending how you like aged bubbles.  This is still available in the marketplace and well worth getting a bottle or two while you can.  It drinks great on its own and will work with just about any side dish.  

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