One of my evil guilty pleasures is to put this on the table with non wine geeks and see if they drink it.  Usually, they don't, but the ones who do are impressed.  Some will just see that it is a Chianti and think it can't be any good.  This is possibly the best that Chianti offers and certainly one of the top wines that Italy offers.  Although expensive, given that, it is priced fairly.  At age 10, this is still young and needs more air though with a few hours, it drank well.  Deep garnet with purple streaks, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose is great with black cherries, cherries, black tea and spice.  Full bodied.  Some tannins.  A nice backbone of acidity.  On the palate, this has great black cherry fruit with layers or earth and forest floor.  Deep and complex.  Long finish.  This drinks well on its own but shine more with food.  This will go with any meat, fowl, or roasted vegetable dish.    

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