From a magnum.  A blend of Corvinone (40%), Corvina Grossa (25%) and Rondinella (20%).  Opened and allowed to breathe for about one and a half hours before pouring.  Bussola is in my mind, a close third on the hierarchy of Amarone producers (following Quintarelli and Dal Forno).  His wines are pricey but doable.  This is his base bottling.  Purple in color with some ruby. The nose has black cherries, milk chocolate covered raisins, slight dust and cigar box.  What a great texture.  This is high in alcohol although it is not noticeable on the wine (17% Alcohol).  On the palate, this is deep and complex.  Drinking well with some air.  Nice depth and layering.   The milk chocolate covered raisins and dark cherry note flow thru over a bed of earthiness and char.  Nice acidity.  Continued to improve all night.  This went great with pasta (duh) and would work well with roasts of all types.  No hurry (especially from Magnum), this has at least another decade or two.  

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