An issue with Bordeaux is how long do they need to be cellared before opening.  I saw a tasting note saying this was drinking great, so I opened a bottle.  Pop and pour.  Uh, no.  At least not for my tastes.  It was tight, closed up and tannic.  No harm though, the cork went back in and it was left for the next night.  Again, pop and pour on Night 2.  Much better although the last glass was certainly then best (by far).  If I was doing it again, I would wait a couple of years but if I really wanted it htat evening, a six hour decant seems about right.  As for the wine, it is inky purple in color.  The nose, once it opens is drop dead gorgeous.  Young but cassis, leather, slight cigar box, and slight drying tobacco.  On the palate, what a lovely texture.  Velvety silk is the best descriptor I can think of.  First, it is delicious.  But it has layers of depth with fruit, earth and slight funk.  Great balance and a long finish.  Still very firm tannins.  This will need hearty foods to match at this point; steaks, roasts and stews come to mind.  The future is bright on this and while perhaps not quite up to the 2009 and 2010 levels, it is half the price.  

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