I love Chianti.  My favorite winery there is Felsina.  This is their top Chianti.  it is rare and expensive.  It is 100% Sangiovese from the Rancia vineyard's highest growing vines.  The wine is quite concentrated and complex.  Deep ruby in color.  On opening, this was tight but with a couple hours of air, it opened beautifully.  Lots of cherries and black cherries on the nose along with some char and a bit of a pine forest.  On the palate, this is bold with firm tannins.  Lots of cherry fruit. The layers slowly unwind in the glass with cherries, forest floor and slight black licorice.  Great texture.  Long finish.  This will go great with pasta or most heavier food.  It is expensive, but if you can afford it, it is certainly a wine to get to try.  

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